Diaspora Engagement Initiative

Register in the voluntary online registration process developed by the Ministry of Finance of Cabo Verde (MoF). The MoF created the registry to strengthen diaspora’s ties and participation in policy development processes in Cabo Verde. This information will enable the government of CV to understand better the geographic and demographic profile of diaspora and bring its member to participate in various forms to Cabo Verde’s Development.

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Cape Verdean

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The community

Register and be part of this community of capeverdean experts on different areas and work on special projects.


If you are a Private Sector who needs to quickly put together a capable team of capeverdean experts.

with us

If you are part of a diaspora group that focus on creating a community we are available to work with you.

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If you are Cape Verdean or descendant, register now and bring a friend to contribute to the development of Cabo Verde

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